Applications for Summer 2017 internships are now available! To apply online, please click here. Or you can click the link below to download an application and submit in person. 

Summer 2017 SWEP Application

Please note that enrollment is on a first come, first served basis and your application will only be considered if you meet our eligibility requirements. A representative from the SWEP Team will be in touch once your application is processed.

IMPORTANT: Please follow directions completely to ensure proper processing of your application. Receiving a flyer in the mail does not guarantee eligibility, we will be verifying your CalWORKs and/or foster care enrollment with Human Services Agency after each application is received. 

SWEP Mountain Biking Trip

In addition to providing subsidized employment and case management, SWEP also conducts enrichment activities where young people can bond, get challenged, and achieve.

February’s enrichment activity is a Mountain Biking Trip at China Camp State Park in Marin County.  Our partner organization, Trips For Kids, led the ride, provided the bikes and gear, and educated us on healthy lifestyles.

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Meridian Gallery Has Moved!

Davante, making comic books.

Our long-time worksite partner has moved locations.  Meridian Gallery Art Program is now conducting their daily programming at the San Francisco Art Institute, located at 800 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94133.  This is a perfect place to get the creative juices flowing.  Congratulations on your new location, Meridian Gallery!

Worksite Spotlight: Fully Laced


(Annie holding a Fully Laced hat, with her coworker and supervisor, Mike)

Annie, a student at Lowell High School, is currently interning at Fully Laced. As a Sales Associate — she provides customer service, organizes merchandise, and helps maintain the overall cleanliness and aesthetic of the store.

Fully Laced “has been a story in the making since 2005. What started as a fun project to supply fellow sneakerheads with replacement shoelaces, has grown into a full-on streetwear brand and boutique, providing the industry with cutting-edge fashion and accessories.”

During Giving Tuesday 2015, Fully Laced donated portions of their proceeds to SWEP/JCYC in order to help more youth.  

For more information on them, check out their website here!

Intern Presentations

Alexandria and her awesome poster!

As the school year session approaches it’s end, our interns have been presenting on their worksite and internship experience. Featured here is Alexandria Mason, who is currently interning at the Western Addition Family Resource Center (WAFRC).

During her presentation, Alexandria discussed the WAFRC’s mission and program services. WAFRC implements strength based programming for families living in the Western Addition/Fillmore district. They provide: Family Advocacy, Family Counseling, Differential Response, Parent Education, and Family Supervised Visitations.

WAFRC also hosts Women’s Group, Men’s Group, and a new Girl’s Group! Alexandria will be facilitating the Girl’s Group, centered around developing healthy young ladies in the community. Girl’s Group is held every third Wednesday of the Month at WAFRC from 4:00-6:00PM, if any young women are interested in joining, they are welcome!

Alexandria says that she loves working at the Western Addition Family Resource Center and that she even goes to help out the center on her days off. Furthermore, interning at WAFRC has inspired her to pursue a professional career in nursing and/or social work in the future.

For more information on the Western Family Resource Center, click here!

School-Year Intern Perspective: Girls Group


Hello! I’m Talia and I’ve been a SWEP participant for about three years now. Being in SWEP allows you certain privileges, such as Girls Group. I have been attending Girls Group for a few months now and I really like it. It is really fun and you get to connect with other girls that can relate to you and things that you are going through —  this was shocking to me, because I used to have trouble connecting and associating with other girls. Girls Group is helping me learn how to be better at it.

Recently, the Girls Group went on a field trip to this play called “Girls Talk.” I had a lot of fun and related to a lot of the topics that the play talked about, I’m sure all the  other girls did as well. After the play, we went out to lunch and that was the funnest part because we got to talk and get to know each other more. It was really nice to  bond with the other girls. Just being around other girls that get you creates a really comfortable environment.  To me, it is more like a sisterhood group than a girl’s group.  Attending Girls Group is helping me and I am glad that I can get this opportunity from being in SWEP.

Talia Muzac, SWEP Intern

Girls Group is a component of our sister program, SF YouthWorks. It encompasses the theme of “Young Women on the Rise,” providing a safe space for self-development, self-esteem building, and peer support. All young women in SWEP are encouraged to attend! For more information, click here

Alumni Spotlight: Cindy Jiang

IMG_0267[1] (1)

(Cindy did not want her photo posted, so she drew a cartoon representation of herself.. awesome!)

My name is Cindy and I was in SWEP for four years. During my first summer, I was an assistant secretary at JCYC, where I stamped checks and helped with paperwork. Then, the following three years, I interned at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCNC) for their Digital Leadership Program. I taught senior citizens basic computer skills, created lesson plans, and did paperwork. For example, every time we tutored a senior citizen, we would ask them to fill out a survey. After that, I would input the survey data into SurveyMonkey.

I liked working at JCCNC because teaching senior citizens made me feel more connected to them. I really enjoyed teaching them because they were all nice and tried their best at everything we explained to them.

I worked with my supervisor, Ryan Kimura, for three years and was able to build a good relationship with him. If I did not understand something, I would ask him and he would help me step by step. I feel like asking questions when you don’t get something is a form of communication with your supervisor that you need to practice and become comfortable with.

My favorite part of being in SWEP was going to the workshops. The workshops showed me what was to be expected from a professional employee and helped prepare me for my internship. SWEP gave me new skills and helped me build on skills that I already had. For example — before the program, I didn’t really have much patience with my mom and dad but after I started teaching at JCCNC, my patience level went up. That is because the key to teaching senior citizens is patience and communication.

Now, I am 18 years old and attending City College of San Francisco. I plan on transferring to a four year university and pursuing med school in the future. I am very focused on studying, but when I have free time, I go running. I like to text my friends and bother them. That’s about it on me. No more. The rest is a secret.